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Value-added Choices for Agencies & Clients

Prepaid Cards

Only with Debit Card Network can you get the Life Freedom Prepaid Mastercard® program, which is focused on the needs of your representative payee or fiduciary agency and of your clients. Our expertise can decrease overhead by cutting down on postage, expensive check stock, and related staff time while giving your clients convenience in paying for personal expenses. Provide your clients with funds when they need it, as often as they need it, for personal spending, groceries, phone bills, transportation, furniture and other personal needs.


Available now!
  • Allows card-not-present (phone and online) purchases
  • $200 per day limit for cash and $2,000 per day limit for purchases
  • Single-source deposit (your agency)
  • Includes surcharge-free networks (MoneyPass®*)

* MoneyPass is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc., or its affiliates.

Enrolling Your Agency

Call Debit Card Network at 1-866-983-3248 or fill out our Contact form to request an on-boarding package. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Sign and return our service agreement
  2. Get your personal agency liaison assigned
  3. Have these items ready
    • Accounting software – Most custom and off-the-shelf software programs accepted
    • ACH origination – Set this up at your bank
  4. Finish with your liaison
    • Create an electronic deposit file
    • Instruct clients to apply for their cards
    • Fund cards
  5. Done! Now Enjoy …
    • NO-COST unlimited access to our dedicated support staff
    • NO-COST training, including webinars and video calls, on client fund management and reporting
    • Custom reports created for managing client funds through the Agency Portal
    • NO-COST 24/7 cardholder support for your clients to check balance, review transactions and report lost or stolen card

How Our Program Helps Your Agency

  • We understand the challenges you face — Debit Card Network’s leadership team has decades of experience working in the representative payee industry.
  • We can save your agency money — Our program can decrease overhead and can increase efficiency, putting more money on your bottom line.
  • We can enable you to give your clients greater independence, security and satisfaction.
  • We make tracking and reporting easy — Daily, weekly and monthly reports can help you monitor and report spending to Social Security and other benefit providers.
  • We provide unlimited support and training that may help you serve your clients more efficiently.

Satisfied Customers

“I really like my card because it is so convenient and easy to use. ”


Sacramento, California — A cardholder