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Prepaid Card Convenience for Representative Payees

Streamline benefits management with the Life Freedom Prepaid Mastercard® program administered exclusively by Debit Card Network. Your agency no longer needs to send checks for personal spending. Now, you can deposit funds into each client’s prepaid – and reloadable – card account.

The Life Freedom Prepaid Mastercard offers seamless funds control and accounting efficiency in managing Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs or other government benefits. Your clients can access their funds and can see their card account status via text*, email and the Life Freedom card website – with no bank account required.

*Standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply.

Agency Advantages

The Life Freedom Prepaid Mastercard program can help you:

  • Cut overhead costs by reducing the time spent preparing checks and answering client questions on fund availability.
  • Improve responsiveness to your clients by giving them access to their personal funds.
  • Safeguard client funds with a PIN-based card that can help limit fraud and theft.
  • Manage client funds through our training, back-office support, and custom reports in our Agency Portal.

Client Advantages

The Life Freedom Prepaid Mastercard can allow you to:

  • Shop and manage spending with greater financial independence.
  • Make purchases in person, via phone or online – everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted.
  • Avoid carrying cash – because your representative payee or fiduciary agency deposits your funds to your card account.
  • Check your balance, review transactions and report your card lost or stolen with 24/7 cardholder support.

Getting Started

  • For representative payee and fiduciary agencies, program enrollment is a clear, step-by-step process.
  • For benefits clients, your representative payee or fiduciary agency must be enrolled in our program. If they are already enrolled, click “Apply Now” to fill out the cardholder enrollment/registration on our Life Freedom card website.

The Only Card Program Tailored to Your Needs

Debit Card Network designed the Life Freedom Prepaid Mastercard program to specifically meet the needs of representative payee and fiduciary agencies and their clients. No other prepaid card program focuses solely on your needs.

We are passionate about providing value-added solutions that help your agency assist your clients in managing their government benefits.

Satisfied Customers

“The Debit Card Network card program has been excellent for both our organization and our clients. Clients no longer have to wait for checks to be mailed to them. As far as our organization, it has improved efficiency and cut costs on postage and check supplies.”


Oklahoma — A representative payee agency