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About Us

Debit Card Network’s Mission

Debit Card Network LLC, which was founded in 2007, provides value-added financial solutions to representative payee and fiduciary agencies who serve those requiring assistance with managing their benefits from the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and other government institutions.

Our complete prepaid card program can help boost agency efficiency in funds disbursement and record keeping while helping to improve client satisfaction and promote independence.

With headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California, Debit Card Network serves agencies throughout the United States.

Unmatched Depth of Experience

Supporting representative payee and fiduciary agencies is all we do. We know the importance of skillful benefit management for people who are unable to manage their own funds due to physical and/or mental disabilities. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting your needs. 

  • Our depth of experience in this social service sector is unmatched by any other provider.
  • Our proprietary software enables your agency to get the customized reports you need.
  • Our program accommodates agencies of all sizes – no agency is too small or too large.

Satisfied Customers

“The Life Freedom Prepaid Mastercard® program through Debit Card Network has been a tremendous opportunity for our clients. Finally, free from paper checks, our clients have the ability – and security – to not have to carry cash. For some, ID issues forced them to check cashing services that tend to prey on our population. The ability to shut down lost cards and to view account transactions is very important as well.”


Brownwood, Texas — A representative payee agency